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LCD Display with battery status indicator

Product No.:
ca. 3-4 days ca. 3-4 days
Desired preset:
Desired preset batterytype:
Lead-acid battery
Lithium-Ion battery
LiFePo4 battery
Handlebar bracket:
without handlebar bracket
with handlebar bracket ( + 12,90 EUR )
Plug&Play cable and adapter:
only with standard cable
with plug&play cable ( + 11,90 EUR )
with plug&play adapter ( + 6,90 EUR )
with both (adapter & cable) ( + 18,80 EUR )
54,90 EUR
incl. 20% tax excl. Shipping costs

LCD Display with battery status indicator



Product description

This is a multifunction LCD display.
It is adjustable for lead acid, Li-Ion or LiFePo4 batteries from 12V to 60V.
The display can either show the battery volts or the battery percentage. This can be switched between, by pressing the button on the display.

In the selection you can choose between 12V to 60V and your battery.
Then the display will be preset by us.
A handlebar mount for the display is selectable and with it, the display can easily be plugged into it.

The display can also be purchased as a display alone, or just with a corresponding bracket.

You can selecte between Standard or Plug & Play cable. The Plug & Play cable can be plugged directly onto the indicator plug , should it be unused. (on some controllers thats the case).

If there is no additional indicator on your controller, there is the possibility to put a Plug & Play adapter in between.



Technical specifications

Measurable voltage range

12V - 60V

Representation of the voltage

Volt display or percentage display (can be changed by pressing a button)

suitable for battery type

Lead battery, Li-Ion battery or LiFePo4 battery (adjustable in the menu)

Diameter of the handlebar bracket approx. 22mm (handlebar diameter)

Display measurements l*w*h

approx. 62mm * 10mm * 33mm

Electronic connections

Power connector

2pin (red = positive pole , black = negative pole)

Plug&Play cable (approx. 150cm)


Plug&Play adapter for controller



Manual for the Display


Included in delivery

1x LCD display  
1x Standard cable (approx. 30cm)  


Optionally included in delivery - Plug&Play cable and handlebar bracket

Optionally, you can also order the matching Plug & Play cables and adapters as well as a handlebar bracket.

1x LCD display handlebar bracket Depending on your selection - optional

1x Plug&Play cable (approx. 150cm)

Depending on your selection - optional

1x Plug&Play adapter

Depending on your selection - optional