We manufacture your custom made lithium batteries!

Small series or one-off production, everything is possible!
We manufacture your desired battery! Suitable for a wide variety of applications!

Whether for electric scooters, bicycles, boats, toys or other means of transportation.

Just ask us!


Made in Austria!
Our battery solutions are manufactured with Austrian quality standards!
We can vary here individually in the dimensions, shape or battery cells.


Building your battery

To be able to make you an offer please send us an e-mail.
As more accurate your details are, the better we can advise you.
The following information is required by us:

  • Voltage and capacity of the battery

  • Power, (power output of the motor and maximum power output from the controller are important)

  • maximum dimensions

If possible, you can also send us photos for which vehicle the battery should be, or where and how the battery should eventually be installed.