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11/63 T8F complete transmission mountain for "big" chain

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ca. 3-4 days ca. 3-4 days
Chain size:
45 limbs
47 limbs
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11/63 T8F complete transmission mountain for "big" chain



Product description

Complete transmission with a ratio from front 11 teeth to rear 63 teeth.
This transmission is the "mountain transmission" and is suitable for terrain with high gradients.
With this transmission you achieve a good climbing ability as well as maximum acceleration.

Depending on the chassis, a different chain length is necessary.
See distance waves.


Technical specifications


T8F 11/63

front sprocket

11 teeth

rear sprocket

63 teeth

distance of waves

195mm oder 210mm

chain with shaft center 195mm

45 links, T8F big version. 1/2 chain length ca. 36,0cm

chain with shaft center 195mm

47 links, T8F big version. 1/2 chain length ca. 37,6cm


ca. 650g

Technical specifications front sprocket

outside diameter

ca. 32mm

inside diameter


iameter of the groofe


width / thickness

ca. 3mm

number of teeth


Technical specifications rear sprocket

number of teeth


external diameter (Da)

ca. 163mm

internal diameters (di)


hole spacing (La)


pitch circle (Lk)


mounting hole (B)



ca. 3,8mm


ca. 415g


The scope of delivery

1pc complete transmission 11/63

11z sprocket front, 63z sprocket rear and chain


Note to chain length

The chain length varies depending on the travel length. Measure the distance of your scooter
Waves (AW). Use this distance to determine the appropriate chain length for your vehicle.
The conversion of the shafts (AW) to the matching chain is given in the technical data.




Dimensions of sprockets:


Legend of the chain:



Depending on the version of the rear swing arm and the engine suspension, a modification may be necessary
Of the engine suspension. To enable this conversion, we offer a
"Engine Mount Conversion Flange"


Optionally included (separately for selection above)

1pc flange

Engine mount conversion flange
1pc attachments Spacer sleeve, screws, nut and washer