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Charger Lithium Li-ion - LiFePo4 10 12 13 14 16S Configurator

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ca. 3-4 days ca. 3-4 days
Lead acid - 36V 2A
Li-ion - 36V 5A ( + 10,00 EUR )
13S Li-ion - 48V 2A
13S Li-ion - 48V 4A ( + 10,00 EUR )
13S Li-ion - 48V 6A ( + 60,00 EUR )
14S Li-ion - 48V 2A
14S Li-ion - 48V 4A ( + 10,00 EUR )
14S Li-ion - 48V 6A ( + 60,00 EUR )
119,90 EUR
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Charger Lithium Li-ion - LiFePo4 10 12 13 14 16S Configurator




In this offer you have the possibility to configure your desired charger.
We differentiate between Lead, Li-ion and LiFePo4 lithium batteries with different cell circuits.
Please refer to the table below for our configuration.

If your configuration is not possible, write us an e-mail with the desired configuration!
On request also special wishes are possible.

Please check before ordering, which voltage and above all, what charging current is suitable for your battery!


Product description

This high - quality and intelligent rechargeable charger for batteries is in one robust aluminum housing.
The modern charging technology CC / CV (Constant current and constant voltage) ensures optimum
charging and thus a long service life of your battery!

Charge time:

A rule of thumb for the calculation of the charging time results from the battery capacity and the charging current.
For example with a completely emptied battery with 30Ah capacity and a charger with 5A charging current it results approximately:

30Ah : 5A = 6h maximum charging time with a 5A charger

The charging time is therefore shortened accordingly depending on the charge output state of the battery.



Connect the charging connector to the battery first, then connect the power plug to the standard 230V power socket. An LED indicator on the charger symbolizes charging. After full charge, the charger turns off and the LED indicator symbolizes the full charge. Your battery is fully charged and can be used.



36V Lead acid battery

Output: 43,2V

36V Li-Ion 10S

Output: 42V

36V LiFePo4 12S

Output: 43,8V

48V Lead acid battery

Output: 57,6V

48V Li-Ion 13S

Output: 54,6V

48V Li-Ion 14S

Output: 58,8V

48V LiFePo4 16S

Output: 58,4V

Technical specifications


200-260VAC 50Hz

Operation temperature

0°C till 35°C


LED red - charging / green - fully charged

Connection input

Standard power plug (europe) type C

Connection output

XLR connection


Pin1 + Pol / Pin3 - Pol


Included in delivery

1x Charger

1x Power plug  
1x Manual  





  • The charging connector is a XLR connector. The polarity of the chargers and the
    connection socket of various eScooter is not standardized!

  • Please check the correct polarity and voltage of the charger before connecting it!
    Our polarity of the XLR connector is 1+ / 3 -

  • Incorrectly connected polarity or voltage can damage the charger or the battery!

  • This charger is only suitable for indoor use!

  • Please disconnect the charger after full charge from the battery!
    The max. charging time of the battery can be calculated with following formula:
    capacity (Ah) of the battery divided with the charging current (A) of the charger = Charging time in hours (h)

  • We assume no liability for improper use!