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6V-1A & 12V-4A charger 2in1

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6V-1A & 12V-4A charger 2in1 with LCD display & Desulfur mode



Product description

This smart charger for 6V and 12V batteries has an LCD display with built-in microprocessor that performs and monitors an 11-step automatic charging process.

The 11 stages of the charging process are as follows:

1.) Diagnosis: - Check the battery status.
2.) Boosting: - Check if the battery can save energy.
3.) Pre-charge: - Use of min. current (A) for charging.
4.) Soft start: - The voltage of the battery is slowly increased.
5.) Constant current (A) 1: - Use of the max. current (A) while charging.
6.) Constant current (A) 2: - Use of the 3/4 current (A) during charging.
7.) Constant current (A) 3: - Use of 1/2 current (A) during charging.
8.) Constant voltage: The battery is charged up to 90%. The charging current increases and the charging voltage remains constant at the set value.
9.) Test (2 minutes): Charging is interrupted for a short while while the battery voltage is being measured. If the battery voltage drops too fast, the battery could be faulty. (If the battery discharges quickly, the charger will proceed to the next step, otherwise the LCD will show: FUL)
10.) Desulfation (2 hours): The charger will go to this stage if the battery fails the test. This stage can restore batteries from the deep-discharged state, which increases performance and battery life.
11.) Maintenance Mode: In this mode the charger can be effectively connected to your batteries. It works in a safe mode and is ready to use. The program activates a special charging waveform and monitors the battery voltage. When the battery voltage drops, these special pulses keep the battery in optimal condition. If the battery voltage drops even further, the battery charger will switch to normal charging. In maintenance mode, the charger can remain connected to the battery for one season.



Technical specifications

Reverse polarity protection Yes
Short circuit protection Yes
Overvoltage protection Yes
Temperature protection Yes, 65° Celsius +/- 5°
Input voltage 180-260V AC, 50-60Hz
Rated capacity 12V DC 4A, 6V DC 1A
Minimum starting voltage 2.0V
Conforming standards & norms CB, CE, IEC60335, EN61000, EN55014
Dimensions (LxWxH) approx. 190x78x52mm
Weight approx. 460g


Included in delivery

1x charger with power cable and clamps