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6.5" Complete wheel set HANZO aluminum rims with tires

Product No.:
ca. 3-4 days ca. 3-4 days
with mounting kit ( + 5,00 EUR )
Offroad tires
front and rear
front wheel ( - 89,00 EUR )
rear wheel ( - 89,00 EUR )
178,00 EUR
incl. 20% tax excl. Shipping costs

6.5" Complete wheel set HANZO aluminum rims with tires



Product description

In this offer you get a complete wheel set, ready assembled.
You can choose between front wheel, rear wheel, freewheel and tires.
The offer includes all attachments needed for assembly.
So screws, chain tensioners, axles, spacer sleeves, etc. fit to the respective selected configuration.
If you do not need the attachments, you can deselect them.
You may then use the existing attachments.

Not included are brake discs and chain wheels.
These can be bought separately in our shop.

The rims

The wheel set is mounted on our high-quality HANZO-Style alloy rims.
The rims are split, which considerably facilitates a tire change.

The freewheel version

You can also order the wheel set as a free-wheel set.
The freewheel hub is installed as in the picture.


The tires

We offer 3 different tire profiles! Slicks, road tires and off-road tires.
The road tire has an E approval and is approved in the field of road traffic regulations.
Slick and off-road tires are sports tires and without E approval.

A suitable tube is installed


Technical specification

6,5" Alloy rims with tires

Hanzo Style tires of choice ready assembled!


Included in delivery

Complete wheel